In this video, Professor Schlosberg gives an overview of the work of the Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society, and it’s focus on issues of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. This is from the first of a series of symposia organised by SNCCS.

In this video, Professor Schlosberg offers his definition of ‘sustainable materialism’ of the new environmentalism of everyday life. The expanding focus on the flow of materials of everyday living, such as food, energy and water, was the topic of the second major symposium of SNCCS.

SNCCS held a symposium on the environmental justice impacts of coal and coal seam gas mining in Australia in May 2013. In this video Professor Schlosberg gives his initial impressions of the role of environmental justice in the Australian context, with particular reference to farming communities organizing around coal and coal seam gas.

Professor Schlosberg presents an overview of the last 30 years of the discourse of environmental justice at a conference on Environmental Humanities at the Princeton Environment Institute in March 2013. Professor Schlosberg spent a semester at Princeton as the Barron Visiting Professor of Environmental Humanities in 2009.