Political Animals and Animal Politics. Co-edited with Marcel Wissenburg. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. [Amazon link]

        This is an innovative and exciting collection of articles [that] represents

        one of the first attempts to conceptualise the political character of the

        animal issue by eploring the interface of animal ethics, political

        philosophy and theory-guided real-world politics.

            Robert Garner, University of Leicester


Climate-Challenged Society. Co-authored with John Dryzek and Richard Norgaard. Oxford University Press, 2013. [Amazon link]


The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society. Co-edited with John Dryzek and Richard Norgaard. Oxford University Press, 2011. [Amazon link]

        This Handbook joins the dots, to bring a rich understanding of how

        society can 'fix' this existential challenge by 'fixing' itself first. Read it

        because you must."

                     Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

Environmentalism in the United States: Changing Patterns of Activism and Advocacy. Co-edited with Elizabeth Bomberg. Routledge, 2008.  [Amazon link]

Defining Environmental Justice. Oxford University Press, 2007. [Amazon link]

    “Schlosberg’s account of environmental justice ... is definitive.”

                                                Perspectives in Politics

        “Defining Environmental Justice is political theory at its best....”

                                                Ethics and International Affairs


Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader, 2nd edition. Co-edited with John Dryzek. Oxford University Press, 2005. [Amazon link]

      “[P]rovides a powerful instrument to both students and teachers....”

                                                Environmental Politics

      “[E]xcellent, accessible, and wide-ranging....”

                                                Times (UK) Higher Education Supplement

Green States and Social Movements: Environmentalism in the United States, Britain, Germany, and Norway. Co-authored with John Dryzek, David Downes, and Christian Hunold. Oxford University Press, 2003 [Amazon link]

         “[T]he essential text and model for academic comparative analysis of

                environmental movements....”

                                                Environmental Politics

         “Green an excellent example of symbiosis between

         comparative institutional politics and political theory.”


Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism. Oxford University Press, 1999. [Amazon link]

          “This is one of the most impressive and thought-provoking of recent

           books within the field of environmental political thought.”

                                                Environmental Politics

           “[A] serious, well-grounded, and original piece of work which makes a

                valuable contribution to ... contemporary environmentalism.”

                                                Political Studies


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